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27. 12. 2017

Organic flooring Some Facts

Everyone knows – the classic PVC coating from Grandma's kitchen. The thin roll has always existed in many tile decors, sometimes with a semi-realistic surface structure, sometimes completely without.


A lot has been done since the glossy years of vinyl flooring, as PVC is called in full length. This begins with the designation of the product. Until the 1990s, until the beginning of the laminate era, it was still simply called PVC, the term has changed marketing technology to the today still common vinyl floor.


Since the 2010s, a completely new type of vinyl flooring has developed, a variant made in planks and tiles. These are offered according to the requirements in different installation options, as self-adhesive, for gluing, for clicking and even loose deployable.


This vinyl flooring is now also known as "design flooring" or "design flooring". Equivalent to the laminate flooring known in planks and tiles, the simple term "click-Vinyl" has also established itself – especially about the simple click-System for Vinyl design flooring.



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